Where are you located?

Galloping Goose Rentals is located in the heart of the park, very close the public access of Annie Battle Lake, look for the log sided building surrounded by bikes.

Do we need to transport any equipment to Glendalough?

All of our watercraft equipment is located along the shores of Annie Battle and Molly Stark Lakes. You do not need to transport our water equipment.

Do you offer delivery services for watercraft equipment rentals in Battle Lake?

Yes, you can haul it yourself or we offer equipment delivery and pick up for a small fee within 12 miles of Battle Lake.

When are rentals available?

If you arrive outside our normal scheduled business hours, we do have self-pay rentals available – just follow the posted instructions!

Are there self-pay options at both locations?

Yes, at Glendalough as well as in town.

Do I need to bring my own safety / operational accessories?

Life vests, oars, anchors, and helmets are available and included with your rental.

Are there repair stations located along the trail?

Yes, there is a repair station located at the trail head in town as well as at the Goose Nest along the trail.

What is ½ day rental?

5 hours

What is the return time for a single day rental?

Glendalough: 24 Hours – if you are staying at the park or 9 pm for day visitors

City: 24 hours

What happens if there is bad weather?

Our policy permits refunds by check for a small processing fee if weather interrupts the duration of rental. In the event that weather prohibits any rental use, there is no obligation to pay for a reserved rental.

Do you do bike repair?

Yes, we have a mechanic on staff to handle minor repairs. We have another vendor that handles the larger repairs. *There is no repair staff at the Goose Nest in Glendalough.